On The Run

Story line:
You're trying to escape to be free and safety but the 'Corporation' is stopping you! The 'Corporation' will try and kill you by rampaging into a small yellow car(you) by there 4X4s.

The layout of the game:

They'll be a small yellow car in the middle of the screen always and two bars - one bar on the left top corner telling you the car's fuel (Where's there's a giant M), and one bar on the right top side corner telling you the damage of the car (Where the spanner).
If you're car is really badly damaged (When the arrow is in the red section) you can pick up a spanner with a bubble a round to get the damaged car repaired.
If you're car has low fuel (When the arrow is in the red section) you can pick up a giant M and you'll have full fuel.

The way to win at the game On The Run:
You'll have to wait a few seconds at the traffic lights to go green; keep your finger on the top arrow key until it goes green. When it's gone green try and avoid the car behind you.
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