Everyone uses DRM-free MP3s right? Not 7Digital.com

Today I encountered a song which I wanted to purchase, I clicked through to 7digital.com and saw that that it was available at the reasonable price of 79p. I went through checkout and paid the price of 79p as agreed. Only to then be told that the file was not an MP3 file but in fact WMA 192kbps file - making it 100% unplayable in iTunes and un-sync-able to my iPod. How can a major MP3 store have a file that is not in MP3 format and not warn me that it will not play on an iPod or Mac?

This is absolutely unacceptable in a time where music is meant to be compatible cross-platform and I have contacted 7digital's customer service requesting a refund or an account credit. If this does not happen 7digital will have lost 1 more customer who will now be buying the same song on Amazon MP3 at 69p and in the MP3 format. This post will be updated with their reply.

Update (7/12/2009 - 2 weeks later): Refund of £0.79 received
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