Apple's tablet comes closer and closer

Whether you think it's called the iSlate or the Apple Tablet, it's an almost certainty that by the end of the month we will have a Tablet to be drooling. Whether we actually need it, is a different story but we're sure Steve Jobs will be able to persuade us that it's the best thing since the iPhone.

What might be coming that is not a tablet?
An iPhone announcement will surely come - either OS 4.0 or a new iPhone with an improved camera and screen.
An Apple TV update - with the 40GB model removed a few months back and an OS update late last year Apple hasn't forgot about it's "enthusiast" product. Maybe a new box? We could do with some PVR functions...

Back to the tablet then...
I have just found the image to the left of someone's concept for what the device could be. I have got to say that this would be the perfect kind of device as a tablet probably isn't going to be enough. It needs to come with a stand and be able to essentially acts as a screen for a normal desktop.

The concept certainly looks cool but realistically when would you rather use your fingers for typing on a screen than a keyboard?

The latest tablet rumours...

  • We have heard that all the 10.1 inch screens are sold out from major manufacturers, implying that Apple has bought these. 
  • It will have a forward-facing camera, possibly for video conferencing and Skype.
  • There will be an OLED version, and a cheaper LCD version.
  • It may be 3G-enabled and costs as little as $299 (£200) subsidised by carriers. Orange France practically confirmed the tablet a couple of days back.

On a final note...
As far as a name, how about the Apple Touch?

When would you see yourself using a tablet? Comment below.
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