Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 and 2015 - Blog Index

For those of you who have followed by blog regularly, you will know that I have previosuly worked both at Disneyland Paris (in 2011) and Walt Disney World (in 2013). Now, it is time to go back to Disneyland Paris and this time it's with a permanent contract. Follow my adventure here.

1. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - The Beginning (Applications Process and Interview)

2. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - The Talent Pool, The Confirmation andThe Details

3. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - Accommodation Options

4. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - May Update (Housing, Sim Cars and Contracts)

5. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - Day 1 to 4 - In the beginning...

6. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - Day 5 to 11 - Training time

7. Working at Disneyland Paris 2014 - Day 12 to 51 - 6 weeks - Days off, settling in at work and sorting out life

8. Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 52 to 70 - Parc Asterix, The Summer Peak, General Admin, and The Louvre

9. Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 71 to Day 126 - Summer is over!

10. Working at Disneyland Paris - A Halloween Trip Report - 9th October 2014 (Day 127)

11. Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 127 to 152 - Halloween Soiree, more training, empty parks, and much more

12. Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 153 to 314 - 6 months of updates (includes the Discovering Magic backstage tour)

13. Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 315 to Day 480 - It all comes to an end... 

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