Convert to a better email client?

Tired of Outlook Express? Don't want to pay for Outlook? Or bored of both? 

Well, look no further - because without spend one penny, you will be able to get a fully customizable email client and not lose any of your emails! 

Mozilla, the creators of Firefox have their very own email software too. Now as we know, most good things come at a price - well not with Mozilla Thunderbird. As with Firefox, Mozilla like to keep their products free. Their programs don't have any ads and Thunderbird is no exception. 

A simple setup wizard guides you through the process of importing all your contacts, messages and email addresses. There are also hundreds of addons to add more features to your email client, to keep RAM (memory) usage low. 

Thunderbird does not include a calendar but this feature can be added by visiting and clicking "Other Applications" then "Thunderbird" and this and many more addons can be installed without any fuss. 

If you need an client that can be customised, that good, runs fast, is easy to use, sleek and is based around a community of users, not making money, then Firefox may well be the email client for you. 


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