Linux - Ubuntu Hardy 8.04 released!

As if the Ubuntu column couldn't have been on a better day of the week. Yesterday, Hardy 8.04 was released! It's been 24 hours now, so let me tell you my experience of it yesterday. Halfway through the day (after I thought the initial buzz had died down) I headed over to the Ubuntu website to be greeted with the new flash animation - I click download and after a few steps I discovered that my .ISO file had started downloading, after being there for over ten minutes, I discovered that my download was barely at 0.1% away fro m completion. I decided to take the long way - find a torrent version, but once I had found and downloaded the 20kb torrent, 25 minutes later at a fantastic download speed of 500kb/s I had my .ISO ready to burn, in another 10 minutes the CD had been burned and I was waiting for the CD to load up after rebooting - here's where my earlier problem started, again!

The same horizontal and vertical streaks were all over the screen, rendering it useless, I attempted to go to the hardware drivers window from the little that I could make out, when I got there I found no drivers needed to be installed - I was devastated! I then rebooted and tried a normal GUI install but ended up with the same problem. My hopes of returning to Ubuntu had just died, I then submitted something to launchpad to see if I'd get an answer from the community...

Next week: Normal Linux tutorials resume.

UPDATE: Someone replied saying that they had a similar problem and that the only way was to buy a cheap graphics card instead of using the on-board one on my motherboard. I do have a laptop which Ubuntu may work on instead, but it needs a new battery, so I will see what I will do - either buy a cheap laptop just for Ubuntu, try Ubuntu on my old laptop and if it works buy a new battery, or buy a graphics card for my desktop.


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