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For my first tech related post of the blog, I am going to talk about a script which I have discovered quite recently. This script is called PHPMotion – PHPMotion is a video sharing script that is guaranteed to suit your needs.

Not only is it feature rich, but it’s also free! PHPMotion has released one full version at the time of writing, and the developer is currently working of Version 2 of the script – which is currently in its first release candidate stage (RC1). The software is packed with features, in version 2 not only can you upload videos – but audio as well!

As the software is free, you are required to register on the forum to download it. This means there is no excuse for not helping others, and getting help on the forums. Another benefit of free software (nearly open source – 1 or 2 files are encoded) is that people are always contributing, it’s faster to find bugs and loads of mods (modifications) are available – many are free.

For version 2, mods include: Leave comments for profile and groups, a related videos system like YouTube, an SMF forum bridge is being worked on at the moment too. There are over 20 mods currently available which is great for a free script. There are also two fantastic paid mods available at around $30 each: one lets you grab videos from YouTube and the other lets you email people in your hotmail, Gmail, etc. contact list and tell them about the site.

It's definitely worth a look!


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