Technology News - 26/04/08

Time for the latest news:

Flickr has released a video sharing section to it's website, though videos can only be 90 seconds in length and the service is only available to it's pro members, who pay $24.95 a year. In the last year, Flickr's visitors have increased to 42 million unique visitors a month now.

The web could be replaced by something know as "grid" which is 10,000 times faster than current broadband networks. Scientists in Switzerland are working on the next-generation service which would allow films to be downloaded in a matter of seconds. The system would even be powerful enough to allow instant gaming between hundreds of thousands of gamers and could even transfer holographic images! The grid is built from fibre-optic cables and 55,000 web server already have it installed and is expected to reach 200,000 in the next two years. Britain currently already has 8,000 of these servers so service could start as soon as Autumn 2008, the grid will be activated at the same time as another particle accelerator designed to investigate how the universe began called LHC.


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