Wireless and Networking - Getting a good signal, file sharing and going wireless!

Getting a good signal - The best thing about wireless, is that, well, it is - wireless. Though wireless networking depends on your signal, even with a perfectly set up network, there will always be areas in the house which won't get the best signal, or any signal at all for that matter. You should always place your router in the centre of the house so that the signal gets to everywhere it needs to. Wireless signals can usually get through objects quite well, by either bouncing off them or going through them if they are thin enough. Though some walls are much too thick to let anything through, leaving whole rooms without wireless access through no fault of your own. Furniture and cupboards, together, can cause wireless signals to die anywhere beyond a few meters from the wireless access point. You can either move furniture (which can be impractical) or lift the router up to a higher place, therefore making the waves bounce off less objects. Also just changing the way the antenna is pointing by a few degrees can make all the difference.

File sharing - A wireless network enables you to access the internet, but to also make a home network and share files between your computers. You can even add a storage device to your network and keep files stored on it permanently, and share them all over your network (a media streamer for example). More information on creating this network and file sharing will come in future blog posts.

Going wireless
- Having a wire-free house would be perfect and computers are undoubtedly just the start of that, you will not need to run any cables through walls and tuck them under furniture. Being wire-free means you won't have to move wires when moving your computer (well, not networking wires at least). In this series of blog posts, we will cover everything from choosing the wireless kit that's right for you and what else you need to do, to answers to pretty much any question you could think of. You will be glad you will have networked, either wired or wirelessly after reading this blog section.

Next week: Wireless standards, specifications, standards and network security. Also in two weeks our first how-to guide will be coming.


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