Linux 2 - More about Linux

Another reason for installing Linux is that it is easier to install than ever - on its own or alongside Windows. A distro such as Ubuntu can be ran from the CD to test it out with changes any files or settings. With today's big hard drives, you can even try out dual-booting which is where you can have both Linux and Windows installed on one machine, one will not affect the other. You can also install Linux on an old PC, you will be surprised at how much of a speed improvement Linux can bring - this PC would be great for a media server, or basic home office tasks including printing documents.

Linux is as flexible and versatile as any other new Operating System. It is excellent for starters as an excellent multimedia platform with all the right programs included. For more advanced users, Slimserver allows a media server to be set up on a wired or wireless network. Editing programs for audio are also included, i.e. Audacity. Linux can also play videos and DVDs too. A professional office program, OpenOffice is also included and all documents created can be saved in a format which is accepted by Microsoft Office. The suite has everything from a word processor, to a spreadsheet program, to a presentation and even a drawing program. Firefox, the web browser, is also included in the operating system - this is much better than Internet Explorer. The best part is taht it will not take you mnore than 2-3 minutes to get used to Linux, its just like Windows, but faster, better and FREE!

Linux interest is growing rapidly and it already is one of the most widespread operating systems among IT professionals. Dell, has a whole range of systems that do not include Windows but Linux! Ubuntu will be the best choice for anyone wanting to start up with Linux and that is why our guide will be all about Ubuntu - get ready to start learning more and more over the next few weeks!


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