Apple 9/9/9 event - what a disappointment

After many rumours flying around, yesterday was set to be an exciting day for Beatles fans and iPod Touch owners. Both of which have been alienated.

The iPod Touch 8GB was reduced in price to £149 from £165 or so. A tiny drop of just £15. Nothing else has changed in this iPod. No camera, no microphone and no upgrade to 16GB capacity. In fact, you can't even buy a 16GB iPod Touch. That means that the 8GB iPod Touch should have been a 16GB model for £149, not 8GB. A 32GB model costs £229 and a 64GB model a whopping £299. By the way, thanks Apple for ripping us off in the UK - yet again - as $399 = £240 NOT £299. The 32GB and 64GB models have a faster processor...but no mic and no camera. Apple tried to push consumers to buy an iPhone this time and they will see that was a total flop as their Touch sale numbers will radically reduce.

The Nano got a camera, microphone and FM tuner. Three very useful additions which should have been on the Ipod touch. The £115 for 8GB and £135 for 16Gb still seem a little high despite these new additions, especially considering that the iPod Nano is just an MP3/MP4 player with iTunes syncing and doesn't offer any apps at all and has no access to the app store. The camera, by the way, can't take photos just videos, Jobs said that photo cameras are much to big to fit into a Nano's design at the moment.

The shuffles are now available in many colours and at 2GB for £45 or the old 4GB version for £59.

Perhaps must surprisingly, the Classic got a refresh and a whopping £189 you can get 160GB of storage - up for 120GB.

There was no tablet, no Beatles onstage and no Beatles music in iTunes. Steve Jobs was present and there is now iTunes 9 which to be honest isn't a big improvement except the introduction of app management.

Overall, I was very disappointed. No iPod Touch upgrades was the biggest shock and it's shocking that Apple argues that the Touch is now seen more as a gaming device (Mind you, with only 6 hours gaming battery life) than an iPod. I would have rushed out and bought the new Touch within a couple of weeks, Apple would gain more users and the £15 price drop isn't going to encourage anyone to rush out and buy the new Touch, especially as on Amazon I paid £5 more 6 months ago and was happy with the price.



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