Microsoft and Apple both getting in the tablet field?

Rumours are flying around that not only Apple is making a brand-spanking new tablet. Apparently, Microsoft has decided to get in on the action as well. Despite, the emergance of hundreds of cheap netbooks running the Windows operatin system, Microsoft is rumoured to be working on a tablet, much like Apple's. Although neither company will confirm nor deny these rumours, it would make perfect sense.

Consumers have realised that they don't need to spend hundreds of pounds on a new powerful computer for when they are surfing the web. They have also realised that a tiny netbook isn't the most comfortable thing to use. A tablet however would make sense, you could wake up and read the paper on it, then watch some TV on demand and finally put it in your bag and take it to work. You could be watching a film or TV show while on the train and then use it for work while in your job.

If Apple does come out with such a device, it will likely be launched in the UK at a price pound of between £600 and £800. Microsoft could probably do the same, without all the glits and glamour, for half the price. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that both competitions are coming out with tablets as will many other companies such as Acer, Dell, Lenovo and the such.

Whether they will take off will be determined by one factor however - Apple. If Apple does not release a tablet computer, the general public probably won't understand how it will work and why they would use it over a netbook with a physical keyboard. Only Apple would be able to launch a marketing campaign putting the tablet in front of everyone's eyes as the future of computing.


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