5 ways to make a living off the internet

If you've always dreamed of staying at home and being paid for doing nothing then this is your lucky day, I have five proven ways to make money online although some effort will be required on your part.

1. Start a website - whether it is a social network, blog or any other type of website, find some sponsors and build a fan base and after a few years the money will start trickling in.

2. Podcasting - If you can get sponsors you can make a killing with this, Leo Laporte recently announced that he makes over $1million profit every year from his "This Week in Tech" series of podcasts.

3. Free money - websites such as http://www.topcashback.co.uk/ give you cash-back on every purchase you make which you can then put towards something like a holiday fund.

4. Get paid to click ads - Try a website like neobux.com and invest in referrals, some people make thousands per year by clicking a few adverts a day.

5. Free stuff for visiting a website - go to www.swagbucks.com/refer/giovannicosta and you get points for searching, these can be redeemed for prizes and sold on for cash. Or comment to get an invite to Lockerz.com (you have to be invited) where in a month from starting I now a PSP in my hands and I can sell this on for some easy cash.

Hopefully these tips will get you some extra luxuries or enough for that big summer holiday.

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