Apple posts amazing growth of 46% - over 7 million iPhones sold and 3 million Macs

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Apple posts amazing growth of 46% - over 7 million iPhones sold and 3 million Macs. During the 'Apple Financial Results' conference call the following was revealed by Apple:
  • Over 3.05 million Macs sold - 1 Mac sold every 3 seconds worldwide during the past 3 months.
  • Over 7.4 million iPhones sold - one iPhone was sold per second worldwide during the past 3 months.
  • Quarterly net profit of $1.14 billion
  • Sales of $9.87 billion
  • 50% of all Macs bought were by people who have never bought a Mac before
  • 208,000 memberships of the One-to-one program were sold
  • Store to open in the Louvre in France
  • Cash Flow 3.1 billion in the quarter
  • $11.3 billion to 11.6 billion in December quarter expected
  • All in "extraordinary challenging times"
  • New products coming in the next quarter will be better value with lower prices and lower gross margins
  • Apple's tax rate is 30%.
  • Apple does not change the price it charges carriers for the iPhone when moving from exclusivity to multiple carriers - meaning not much more competition price-wise.
  • Over 20 million iPhones have been sold in the fiscal year
  • "In an exclusive relationship (Apple) can innovate" more and "an exclusive carrier may be willing to invest more".
  • Double the amount of Leopard sales with Snow Leopard in the first 5 weeks.
  • Demand outstripped supply with the iPhone 3GS and this did "create component shortages" - could this be the cameras on the iPod Touch? He said he cannot be specific about what this also applies too but it is just not phone.
  • 13,000 worldwide indirect suppliers - most in the international markets. 
  • The Mac grew must stronger "outside the US than inside the US, particularly Europe and Asia." Germany got 40% of the European sales, France had 39% of the European sales.
  • The September unit was benefitted from orders from the state of Maine and Snow Leopard.
  • In over 80 countries with the 3GS by the end of the calendar year.
  • The iPhone is deployed or tested in the top Fortune 100 companies in the US, and 50% of the Financial Times Top 10.
  • iPods account for 70% of the MP3 player sales in the US.


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