Confirmed: New iMacs, Mac Mini and MacBooks coming this week

I have just received confirmation from several of my sources that there will indeed be a refreshed model of the white-plastic MacBook with a faster processor and a slightly more affordable price. I also have confirmation that a 2GB RAM Mac Mini will be available for either £399 or £429 starting next week and that a new model of the iMac will be released. The iMac will ship with a new touch-sensitive mouse and the same keyboard as before. It is also going to be thinner and may be sold at a reduced price point though the lower price point has not yet been confirmed.

My source tells me that this will not be a big announcement and should occur within the next week and at the latest by the 19th October. Stocks are being shipped to distributers during this week with stocks at Apple Stores being replenished first.

I have also been told that the Apple TV will be upgraded in the future - definitely by the end of January.


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