Creative Commons looking for $500,000 - help!

Creative Commons, the creators of licenses that allow content-creators to share their work while being properly attributed, are seeking $500,000 to keep the service going.

At the time of writing Creative Commons is only $42,000 towards its goal and only has until December 31st 2009 to gain the remaining $450,000+. In early 2009, Wikimedia (the owners of Wikipedia) got to $6million in donations within days of asking for donations with many private individuals giving more than $100.

If you want to continue seeing free software, podcasts and more (that are currently licensed under Creative Commons) then please do donate! You can donate any amount you wish with the box part-way down the page. If you donate $75 or more you get some stickers, buttons and T-shirts shipped to you as well as some one-site features including Open-ID integration.

 If you wish to maximise your donation then you can opt-out of these gifts. Donate more than $300 and you can become part of the CC Conference Calls and decide the future of Creative Commons. Donors or $1000 or more get invited to special Creative Commons events which are held two or three times per year.

Payments are taken via Paypal and if you want you can pay in monthly installments if that makes it easier for you to help the cause. Please do donate to this great cause if you can as it really does help things keep legally moving online and it's legally binding contracts are the only way that some content creators can give away their content for free.

Click here to donate now.


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