iPhone coming to Orange UK on November 10th

The details of the release date of the iPhone on the Orange network have reportedly been released to the UK newspaper 'The Times' and the release date is poised to be November 10th, just one day after O2s exclusivity ends and just the right time for hundreds of thousands of consumers to switch to the orange network.

After having poked around the Orange site for a few minutes, it is clear that Orange does not sell many smartphones on it's website (except 3 blackberrys) on Pay As You Go, so will this be left to Apple's Online Store?

The Pay Monthly plans on Orange are currently better value than O2, for £14.68 a month (on Dolphin 15) you can get 100 minutes and unlimited texts whereas on O2 you'll need to spend £35 for 75 minutes and 125 texts on the basic iPhone contract.

Whether these plans will be available with the iPhone it yet to be seen as it is unlikely that Orange will want to lock people in for less than £25 a month.

Also interesting is the fact that Orange PAYG customers currently get "unlimited" (actual 25MB) browsing for £2 per day. Also, the cheapest plan you can currently get with a Blackberry starts at just under £30 a month but on top of that you must pay an additional monthly fee of £4.25 to receive email! iPhone users will not be pleased with this as the iPhone on o2 currently comes with "unlimited" free internet for Pay Monthly forever and for PAYG customers for 12 months.


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