The iPhone gets wireless charging

Powermat - a device which allows you to wirelessly charge up to 5 device at once - is being launched aggressively in the UK this month (October 2009). The claim is that you will be able to pop your cell phone down on a mat and pick it up again later on and your phone will be charged. However this isn't truly wireless or without it's faults. You will need to connect that mat itself to a mains socket or USB port on your computer, you will need to buy an adapter for each of your devices and phones and you'll need to spend a whole load of cash. All to save you a mere 5 seconds each time you charge a device. You see, the simple alternative is to plug the charger in and hey presto!

Plus, this doesn't come cheap the mat itself retails at £70 with the price of around £35 adapter for each device. Very few devices are supported: only the iphone, ipod touch, nintendo ds lite and dsi and blackberrys and currently supported and just to start charging one device "wirelessly" will cost you over £100.

Undoubtedly the future will be all without wires and all this will be built into our devices, we wont have to place our devices on a mat and all phones will have this built in, just walking into a room will do the trick. Perhaps, we won't even have batteries that only last a few days, but rather last a lifetime - eliminating the problem all together. All we can say now is that is you want a cool gizmo to show your mates the Powermat is it but with a price tag of over £100 to start one phone this won't be a cheap piece of kit.


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