Mac OS 11 - features? release date?

With Mac OS X reaching the end of it's product cycle, we take a look at what may be coming in the next operating system and how this could be a really big game-changer for Apple and increase it's market share.

The 'classic' Mac OS ran for 16 years and in 2001, Apple announced the   launch of Mac OS X. Throughout the same number of years Microsoft has released Windows XP, Vista and now Windows 7. As the current operating system is now 8 years old a refresh is needed. What is likely to change?

1. The Dock - Although the dock looks very nice and is easy to use (and much better than the Windows  start button), a refresh is needed.

2. Speech recognition - This is one area where Macs could do extremely well, you can already do some limited speech recognition on a mac but this would be great for people with disabilities and if it were good enough, it could possibly change the way we interact with computers forever.

3. Free Cloud-Based Features - whatever these could be, being able to backup to the cloud for free would be something Apple could integrate in properly.

4. Reinvention of the finder - we interact with our computers the same way we have for decades, we click, click, click through folders then double click to open files. Perhaps the finder will be gone altogether and so will folders. All you'd need to do is use spotlight or similar and get the file instantly.

5. App store for the mac - how about being able to get all your applications from one place like Ubuntu includes as standard. It would be the end of the need to search online to find applications.

6. Multitouch - with the tablet rumoured to be coming with multi-touch and the iphone and ipod touch multi-touch friendly Apple surely likes the idea of eliminating buttons and touch us much more naturally intuitive - the mouse needs to go!


  1. I like your idea of the app store and the multitouch (although I would prefer to have a smooth keyboard pad with illuminated keys; no buttons.)

    As for the dock, be aware that the new Windows 7 task bar is just as useful, if not better.

  2. Sure an new OS would be nice. Trim support would be awesome. The finder has always sucked and probably always will. But computers are still tools not toys. Practicality and productivity are still driving the market. I carry my Macbook to every meeting I go to. I tried using a iPad and the lack of a real keyboard was horrible. This is not Star Trek, we can't talk to our computers and get anything accomplished. So I say leave the keyboard and mouse alone and worry about stability and security of the OS.

    Signed: Someone who works not plays with computers.

  3. do NOT!!!! get rid of the finder. many of us, like me, use the disk like a library.
    spotlight is fine i you know the name but useless if you're searching for related files or archives.
    it is NOT all about the NOW but also about info retrieval that may be years of value.

  4. Well turns out my predictions were prety good and Apple must have been reading this blog as with Lion half of these came true: the free cloud-based features, the Mac App Store and multitouch.

  5. @Giovanni And how they have Siri on the iPhone 4S which is just amazing!


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