Mint for UK users and it's free! (

If you've been annoyed that we can't use - a financial service website - in the UK then fear no more. I have been testing a site which I found months ago and trust it so much that I am going to share it with you. allows you to aggregate your different bank accounts into one neat dashboard. It automatically categorises all your spending and you can set budget so that you don't forget that you can only spend £30 a month on clothes and it will give you alerts when you go over your budget. It also generates graphs which show you where your spending and income and going. If you want all this in the UK visit - they have agremeents with loads of major banks allowing you to importing all the data into one account.

Better still, you are completely safe - if someone were to hack into your Kublax account, the most the could do is see how much money you have. You cant transfer any more or even touch the money - only view statistics. It's free and now UK users finally have an alternative!

Update: 19th March 2013

Kublax became defunct in 2010, but there are now a few new services which have emerged. Take a look at and


  1. I like the way you turned a negative (can't actually manage your money with this) into a positive.

  2. I don't think I would trust any third party with the ability to modify my details and have the only security as a password

  3. Kubla khan does not sound trustworthy. Come on, who names a financial website as kublax?

  4. agree with sri raguraman.


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