Windows 7 Launches! Microsoft retail store opens and Microsoft Cafe!

As you undoubtedly know today is the much anticipated launch of Windows 7 and Amazon UK already has some good news: the pre-orders of Windows 7 beat the previous record holder for pre-orders Harry Potter -when that happens you know something Microsoft has done is seriously right. The visuals are stunning - almost, but not quite, on par with Apple; the stability is much improved and best of all for consumers it's not called Vista. In fact Amazon UK has no versions run out of their allocation of all full Windows 7 versions and are now offering upgrade versions only but even these are now pre-orders.

The price of £80 has definitely lead consumers into making this purchase, although some may argue it should be free after the blunder of Vista. Meanwhile, Microsoft has also opened it's first retail store today in  Scottsdale, Arizona and yes - there was a line outside of people waiting to get inside. The employees clapped, cheered and high-fived- as the first guests came in and cheers were heard throughout the mall. The store is very similar to an Apple store in design and frankly does look amazing.

At the same time, Paris has the world's first "Windows Cafe" as reported by Le Journal du Geek
Image courtesy of Le Journal du Geek. Full article here.

Finally, Microsoft is also selling many brands of PCs on in order to gain soem more Windows 7 sales. For anyone looking for more Windows 7 coverage why not join Leo Laporte at his 2 hour Win 7 party on TWiT today at 19:00 London Time or watch CNET TV for loads of news, tips and tricks.

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