Banned Xbox 360 consoles for sale - beware

Microsoft recently revealed that it will now ban users of modified xbox consoles from their online XBox Live service. The only way to regain service is to buy a new console. This has created a new problem. After some of my own research it became appparent to me that the listings of "used" consoles on auction websites such as eBay had more than doubled.

This clearly means that buyers must be aware of this and be very careful when buying consoles marked as "used". There is actually no way for a consumer to tell if the XBox they are buying has been kicked off the online gaming service. This can only be found out once the console is in their own hands.

Luckily, buyers in the UK do have a case for a refund under the Sales of Goods Act and Distance Selling Regulations. They can also use PayPal buyer protection and dispute the item as "not as described." This can also be done in all the other countries covered by PayPal. Yard sales and car boot sales are also a likely place where many "bricked" consoles will be sold and the buyer misled.

Finally, it is important to note that offline games will run perfectly fine on these consoles. Online play however will be disabled by Microsoft.


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