The Coolest Tech Christmas Gifts of 2009

Here we are with this year's coolest tech xmas gifts for 2009, making it easier than ever for you to decide what to buy this christmas and what is really worth your hard earned cash.

1. Self Stirring Mug - this handy mug has a small propeller at the bottom which mixes your teas, coffees, drinks perfectly with no effort required by you. It also comes with a lid to keep your drink warm when going out. The Self Stirring Mug is available at Amazon  RRP - £14.99

2. The Sound Asleep Pillow - ever wanted to listen to your music while going to sleep without disturbing others - now you can. This is a pillow with a built in speaker meaning only you will hear what's going on! There are two versions of this pillow. The standard Sound Asleep Pillow with the speaker built in costs £12.78 delivered, and at £29.99 the pillow will also be made of memory foam making your sleep even more comfortable.

3. i iPhone Battery Charger - this a essentially a backup battery pack which claims to give you up to 250 hours of extra standby time, 5 hours of talk time or 20 hours of extra music. This is a fantastic emergency battery but it is rather big and can become loose if you don't leave it alone. The TeckNet 1900mAH Mobile External Battery for ALL Ipod Touch, Classic, Nano & Iphone 3G, 3G S - Black is available for £10.99 delivered.

4. Cyber Clean - As one reviewer put it on Reevo: "tactile de-stressing brightly coloured putty, great fun and it works to clean out grimy keyboards, mobile phones, calculators etc, Makes dusting and cleaning fun!! Kills germs!! Comes in a screw top plastic tub to stop it drying out. Colour guide on tub label to let you know when you need to replace your Cyber Clean." The Cyber Clean Home and Office 75g Sachet costs just £4.36 delivered.

5. Mini Mixer for iPod - Connect two iPods, MP3 Players, anything with any audio out port. Then slide from left to right, remixing as you go. Great cheap DJ kit for the amateur but it does make a slight hissing noise when switched on and there is no music playing. It does include a built-in speaker and an audio-out port if you want to use that too. The Mini Mixer for iPod costs £22.38


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