Mac OS X Chrome beta within 2 weeks + new updates

Several very important updates have been made to Google Chrome for Mac over the past few days - extensions are now available (meaning addons will be able to be used) and even more importantly Bookmark Syncing. This is a feature that no other major browser comes with "out of the box" and will be an exclusive feature to Chrome setting it apart from competitors.

This appears as a message on the "New Tab" page on Chrome but it is slightly misleading as the Bookmark Syncing function is actually only available to Windows users who are funning the beta (not stable) version of the browser. The message on Macs does seem slightly misleading.

At the same time rumours have been flying aorund the blogosphere that Chrome will be reaching the beta stage within the next two weeks meaning that Google thinks the browser is stable enough for some of the public to try out. This also means that in early to mid-2010 Mac users should have yet another fully supported browser to use.


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