Unlimited iPhone usage on Orange UK? No. Limited data plans.

Orange has released details in it's terms and conditions stating that the iPhone on it's network will have a 750MB cap as part of it's 'unlimited' offering. Orange claims that it will not put in place any restrictions that would limit what applications you would use but acknoledges that 750MB may not be enough for data-heavy users. Those who like to access YouTube would be better on O2 as would those who wants to stream more than 13 hours a day of music from Spotify.

This will no-doubt come as a blow to Orange the iPhone especially as Orange claims to have the best data network in the UK and proudly boasts this fact on its own website. There may be one positive side-effect to this though, whereas many users are facing severe problems transferring data on the O2 network in big cities such as London this may be the way to keep users under control and make sure that they do not send the whole network crashing down.

Will this bold move work out for Orange? Only time will tell, with just a week until the leaked released date of the iPhone on the network we won't have very long to wait. Though of course Vodafone will be getting the iPhone early next year, so should O2 customers and new iphone users wait for that? Or will O2 still provide the best data deal despite all the new competitors.

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