Air Mouse Pro iPhone app review

This app essentially transforms your iPhone or iPod Touch into a remote control which you can use anywhere. You download the small Air Mouse Server app for your Mac or PC, run this Server, open the app on your iPhone and if your connected to the same wifi network as your computer they should recognise each other. Now you can use the iPod as a mouse and keyboard, flick your hand forward and you get a bigger trackpad, you can also do this by rotating the iPhone. Now you can also click on the icon on the top right hand corner and turn it into a pointer where you point the iPhone at the screen and move your wrist to change the location. I had much better results with a Mac than a PC in getting the two to connect, but once connected there is no lag at all.

Should you download Air Mouse Pro? Yes. Download this app now.

It costs $2 or £1.19 from the iTunes app store.


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