Casio Elixim Hi-Zoom Ex-H10 Digital Camera Review

Compact cameras are not usually known for having fantastic zoom levels and usually take pretty poor photos and when the price is as low as this it generally gets even worse, so can the Casio Exilim H10 Digital Still Camera - Black (12.1MP, 10x Optical Zoom) do any better?

Impressively, Casio has managed to fit a 10x optical zoom lens into this camera – it retracts fully when switched off concealing this super-zoom in the camera body very well. This camera body is made of metal and plastic and it has mechanical image stabilisation which essentially moves the camera’s sensor in the opposite direction of your body movement – making for clearer shots as it cancels out the wobbling you make.

The battery life is spectacular and you can get about 1,000 photos on a single charge which is about double what a similar camera usually gets. It can do continuous shooting which can do up to 10 frames per second and as low as 0.7 frames per second in the highest-quality mode.

Almost all newer cameras have a HD video mode and this digital camera is no exception. It does not have an optical viewfinder but rather an easy-to-use 3-inch screen. There are almost 40 different shot modes which can be slightly bewildering for beginners, but also helpful if you’re a user that knows what they are doing. The Ex-H10 offers a 12-megapixel resolution that produced sharp photos and its wide 24mm lens is great for landscapes and crowd-shots.

In conclusion, if you’re looking for a camera that boasts HD video, has a long zoom and good battery life – the Casio Elixim Ex-H10 may be one to consider, but at this price don’t expect miracles as skin tones are noticeably darker, there is a digital feel to the photos, the stabiliser isn’t amazing and the manual is useless.

Final Verdict: 3.5/5


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