TalkTalk triples broadband speeds to home customers

UK ISP TalkTalk has announced fantastic news for its customers (I am one) as it will be giving all users a speed boost from a maximum of 8mbps to 24mbps which could mean an up to 3x speed boost. This doesn't apply to TalkTalk Pro customers who already get an "up to" 24mbps speed.

This will vary depending on you location from your exchange, it's broadband essentials package will also has a slight price increase because of the 2.5% vat increase to £6.99 a month.

Unfortunately TalkTalk seems to be retaining its 40GB bandwidth cap which I get very close to every single month. An increase to even 60GB would make a massive difference to heavy-users such as myself. To be honest, 40GB is not much nowadays considering I have 29 podcast subscriptions - some of which are in HD, making it very easy to rack-up 40GB in a month. It also means consumers such as myself will have to pay even closer attention to their bandwidth usage (by using computer utilities)as more speed will mean more downloads. It would be a very good idea for TalkTalk to offer a way to check usage on their website - updated hourly or more often - as it is impossible to know how much games consoles are using for example. A few months ago I found out that playing LittleBigPlanet used 1GB of data per hour once connected to the internet in online play or building levels while the ethernet cable was plugged in.

This speed boost will make TalkTalk the cheapest provider of next-generation speeds and will under-cut Virgin Media's fibre optic offerings by a significant amount per month of £7-9 and equating to a saving of at least £85.


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