Vodafone UK announces iPhone availability!

Vodafone is the UK's fourth carrier to get the iPhone, O2 was the first exclusive partner which was followed by Orange, Tesco Mobile and now Vodafone. Network '3' is also looking to get the phone in the first half of 2010. Both the iPhone 3G and 3GS are available.

Users who pre-order their Vodafone iPhone within the next 7 days get free Vodafone-to-Vodafone calls for the next 18 months. It appears that the iPhone will not be available on Pay as you go from Vodafone. The expected delivery date for orders placed within the next 7 days is 14 January 2010.

Meanwhile, O2 has announced that it will now unlock any iPhone bought from its stores for free (previously there was a £15 fee for PAYG users), however users will lose its free unlimited web and wifi bolt-on immediately once unlocked. The unlocking can take up to 14 days, according to some reports.

Below is a comparison of how the 4 networks and their plans match up to each other:


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