UK phone networks take the strain as 2010 rolls in

An estimated 500million texts are expected to be sent today (January 1st 2010) in the UK alone, at an average of 13 texts per adult. In order to conduct some research, I did the same as many and in fact sent 18 texts at 00:00 exactly from my iPhone on O2s network. It was clear that the networks were feeling the strain as it took 46 minutes to send out eighteen texts and I was still receiving texts from other people that they sent at midnight, at 1.30am. Perhaps on an unrelated note, signal strength dropped dramatically in my local area and my 5-bar GPRS service fell to just 2 bars.

Based on the estimate of 500million texts and the fact that about 99.99% would be sent within the first hour of the new decade, this equates to 139,000 texts per second and it becomes clear why mobile phone networks were jammed even if there are five major different phone networks in the UK.

I would like to wish all my readers a very successful and happy new year!


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