Lovefilm and the film industry - formats, DVDs and the Lovefilm player

I'm now a member of Lovefilm and get unlimited games and DVD rentals of 3 disks at a time for under £20 a month. This also includes a relatively new addition would is the Lovefilm player. On the more expensive packages you get unlimited streaming of a selection of films and Tv shows. On the cheaper packages you are limited to a certain number of hours.

Lovefilm's DVD rental service has 10,000s of different DVDs. The problem is that their streaming service has just 4000 items. I've watched Coco before Chanel, How to rob a bank and a few other movies instantly as I await for first DVD. Sounds great and it is.

Here is where my problem comes in though, the selection - 4000 items?! It is very frustrating seeing that I can rent a DVD at zero cost such as Tron Legacy, yet if I want to stream the same film online it would cost me £3.49. In fact the only films included in the free streaming player are older films. Why?!

Why is it acceptable for me to get a DvD via the mail for free but to watch it online i have to pay? It's madness and snows how the movie industry is out of touch with the modern consumers. I'm sure love film would love to stop paying postage both ways for DVDs. However it's the studios that dictate what they can and can't do.

Surely offering a stream would be better for everyone? They save on postage (bandwidth is much cheaper even at HD quality), the consumer gets the film instantly and for piracy: pirating a stream would mean a lower quality recording and more difficult than ripping a DVd and getting the film and all the extras in higher quality.

I'm not saying that they should ONLY have an online option but make it an option to view these films for free. After all, why should formats matter in the 21st century.


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