Apple Raises iOS App Prices in the UK

Apple today raised their App Store prices in the United Kingdom by an increase of up to 25%. The reason for this remains unclear as of yet. The changes appear to have gone live as on today, Thursday 14th July 2011 at midnight.

59p apps have risen to 69p. £1.19 apps to £1.49 AND £1.79 apps to £1.99. It remains unclear whether more expensive apps have risen too.

The rise for most of these is of 11% but the £1.19 apps are now 25% more expensive.

Apple has been contacted for a statement and have not yet replied.

UPDATE: The move appears to be an adjusting of international store prices to be more in line with the US dollar. The change has taken place across both the Mac App Store and iOS app store in many countries including the UK, Switzerland and Mexico to name a few.


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