Getting a job in the UK - at 18 years old (Part 2)

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It's now about 10 weeks after I wrote my last post on "Getting a job at 18" and things have progressed quite a bit. Let me not bury the lead: I still do not have a job. Original post here.

However, I have been accepted into the "Talent Pool" for Disneyland Paris meaning they should call me sometime in November to go and work over in the most magical place in Europe over the Christmas season which should be heaps of fun! Granted, this is not 100% guaranteed. It seems that this was a case where languages really came in handy and persuing french at A-level really paid off as the entire interview was in French.  Full experience here.

Also recently got through a telephone interview for a football club in the retail department and got an email back asking for my phone number to join a course for a well known tour company in London.

However, as I said no "actual" job at the moment. No money coming in. Here are a list of places I've now applied: Primark (Rejected), Appe Store (failed interview), Pizza Hut (Ignored), Disney Store (Ignored), Stormfront (Ignored), Next (Failed questionnaire), Tesco (Rejected), Greggs (Ignored), B&Q, Educastream, Vue and Cineworld (all rejected), Embassy CES (Ignored), Mcdonalds (Rejected).

I have pending applications in all these: Football club (Cant mention name ATM), tour company (Same as before), Niketown, Hamleys, Subway, Easygym, Thorpe park, Legoland, Chessington.

Let's hope that I end up with a job after all this hard work.  I don't need the money that much (although it is a bonus :D), it's the experience that I really need for the CV. And that has me so excited for Disneyland Paris - being able to put Disney on my CV will be amazing!

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