Working at Disneyland Paris - Day 8 (23 Dec) - Il y a personne!

Today was good. Got to work and the first thing I said was “il y a personne” but literally no-one. Not a single person in the queue line in the morning.

We also had a VIP today, some radio personality apparently in France. Thibaud said I wouldn’t have heard of them and I hadn’t..I can’t even remember their name, maybe Claire?

I saw the parade service bus backstage today which brings all the characters to the floats. I also realised today that the costuming building that you used to see in the old Studio Tram Tour was actually real so you did in fact get a look backstage at Disney for real, then again it was completely irrelevant to the “Studio Tram Tour” name and experience. 

At 7, or should I say at 19h as they say in French, I met Andrew at Imaginations. I think on this day me and Andrew went on Big Thunder Mountain and then on Pirates though I’m not 100% sure. After we took a look around the Newport Bay Club Hotel which is nice but not as nice as the Disneyland, having also been into the Sequoia with Andrew and Eilidh earlier in the week I much preferred that theming to the NPB Hotel.

Just random... but in Traditions they told us to address everyone by toi: team leaders, older people, younger people - and everyone does it. Sometimes I find myself going ‘toi’ to guests which is really rude I know but it soon becomes automatic and I just repeat the same thing with ‘vous.’

Read day 8 [I sort of messed up the day numbers somewhere in the last few days - this day 8 is different I promise]

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Photo: William McIntosh

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