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Review: 'The Lion King' at the Lyceum Theatre

Yesterday I went to watch the Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in London and I decided that as it is rated the number 1 show according to Tripadvisor that it would only be fair for me to give it a review. If you don't want spoilers, don't read on : My housemate at uni had gone to see The Lion King in London six times and with the show leaving at the end of the summer for a tour of the country, the next few months would be my last chance to see the show. With that in mind, I booked on Friday for Sunday the 25th March 2012. The theatre: Arriving at the theatre, the scale of theatre itself immediately impressed me: with over 2100 seats it certainly is a huge theatre and with a stage to match. The architecture inside is stunning, my mum said they'd never build something so beautiful today and I guess she's right. It was stunning. While waiting the sound of the rainforest filled the theatre. The view from where we were which was the Royal Circle, Row C to the left w