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The Best Weightlifting, Gym and Fitness Apps for your iPhone

Being a fan of going to the gym, and specifically lifting weights, i’ve been on the search for an app where you can log your workouts effectively. Anything extra is a bonus. Over the past couple of years I’ve seen apps come and go from the app store and I think that now is a great time for a nice round-up of what’s available before we get to the summer.  There’s apps here for running, cardio, ab work, calorie counting and weights. What more could you want? iFitness - on sale for £0.69. Brilliant app. Create your own workout, log it - it works. Basic but does everything it should. You can go back through your legs, have loads of different exercises with videos. No motivational component which would have been nice as would a stopwatch feature for rest between sets. Best weightlifting app out there.  MyFitnessPal - Diet is everything in fitness so if you need a calorie counter, this is the one! It’s free and there is also an iPad version if you want that. You simply t

Trip to Disneyland Paris (April 2012) - Day 2

So it was our only day in the parks today and we were determined to do as many attractions as we could. We got up at 8am and had breakfast at 8.30am...we went over to the Studios and got there at about 9.30ish. There was a bit of trouble exchanging my avios voucher as apparently they'd never seen one before but soon it was done. In we went and of course we had a bit of a sprint and went over to Crush's Coaster - I assured Francesca it was worth it. We get on in under 20 minutes which was fantastic...well we would have done if the ride hadn't broken down for about 20 minutes. Anyway 40 minutes later the ride was done - we both loved it. What a wild ride. Then it was time to go for some more thrill rides - we went over to Toy Soldier's Parachute Drop and used the single rider queue to get on in under 5 minutes. Then it was over to RC Racer which I was dreading. I am absolutely petrified of this attraction. 10 minutes wait later and i was on. I held on very tightly a