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WDW ICP - Booking flights

This is more a word of warming than a long post, but me and most of the fellow ICPs have learned from the error of our ways: sometimes booking really far in advance doesn't pay off. My flights cost me £580, now they are available for £520... £60 less, or about 100 dollars. These prices definitely do fluctuate, but there’s a sale on at the moment and turns out that the Virgin Atlantic sale is in fact a real sale. My family's flights that were £778 each indirect are now available through a diff company on the same day for £643 (almost £400 between the 3 of them). The day after they could have flown direct for £734 (still £120 cheaper and direct) So sometimes if the price is too high initially, it may actually be worth waiting. Next: Read my Florida Bucket List NEW : Want the inside scoop? Download my book about my 16 months spent living and working at Disneyland Paris now on  Amazon .

WDW ICP - December 2012 Update

It's been a little while since my last blog post about my upcoming trip to Florida to work at Walt Disney World, so I thought I'd give you an update. It's now coming up to Christmas time and the process has moved on a fair bit. After completing the interviews, we received an email offering us a place. I will be working on Operations - rides or ticketing, which is exactly what I wanted! We won't know where exactly we'll be working until we get there. I, of course, replied accepting the offer immediately. I then received an email confirming my acceptance saying that an information pack would be emailed to me. This information pack is Yummy Job's step by step guide on 'what to do and when' to make sure you get to Orlando. The first thing you must do is pay for, and complete, your criminal background check. This was due by 14th November 2012 and cost £60 in total payable to YJ, that's almost twice what the government charges to do it but we

Tales of a Tour Guide

You may be aware that I am a Tour Guide during my university holidays. I give open-top bus tours of London three times a day showing people the likes of Big Ben and the Tower of London. It could be a repetitive job if it weren't for the customers: they constantly amaze me with new facts, incredible questions or acts of kindness. Below I'll tell you some of the more unusual stories and questions. 1. A thoughtful man - Once, in the Summer of 2012, we were stuck just before Tower Bridge as the bridge had opened to left a shift through. One of the customers asked me if he could get off the bus to buy something from the shop across the road. I said something along the lines of "You'd have to ask the driver downstairs but I don't see why not" as we were going to be stuck there for 10 minutes or so anyway, and I had checked and there were two ships passing so it could be even longer.  It was a hot day and it was a completely open bus so it was a nice opportuni