Web of Links: Week 1

I thought I'd try something new this week, and hopefully this will become an on-going series. I've called it "Web of Links" and I'll be posting some of the most interesting articles I've come across over the past week or so. Most of these will be related to technology, theme park, health or travel stuff, so if you're not a fan of those then this may not be for you. Otherwise....read on:

  1. Activision has posted a video of a computer-generated head that's "so real, it's uncanny"
  2. An example of what a live-action 3D Pokemon film could look like.
  3. Tracking your life with fitness bands.
  4. Just noticed this week that you can get a 3 Terrabyte external hard drive for under £100 - wow!
  5. Blackberry's not doing too baddly - They have already sold 1 million units of their newly released Z10 smartphone.
  6. 4G now available to 50% of the UK with EE. But beware the 50% of places only includes major cities and in the city centre, they call a place which is 80% covered as fully covered too - good PR, huh?
  7. Britain's longest cycling tunnel to open - Because, why the heck not?
  8. 10 Technologies you don't need to upgrade - even though we have.
  9. Despite the fact Amazon video on demand isn't available in the UK yet and we only have 2 main competitors - Netflix and Lovefilm, the US Amazon VOD service has had another TV show commissioned by Amazon itself. These providers are actually having content made for them, much is the same way that Netflix had House of Cards commissioned.
  10. And Netflix commissions another show of its own - Sense8, a sci-fi show from the makers of 'The Matrix'
  11. Charging people for browsing your store - Yes, someone has done it...citing online sales as the cause. Good PR stunt.
  12. Backwards thinking - the media companies don't get the internet over in Portugal do they? They're trying to charge Google for linking to them. it's one of many European countries demand this...
  13. Facebook is set to get even more creepy - using your browsing history to serve you even more ads in your News Feed.
  14. Apple fanatics do get a bit too excited over new product releases don't they? Somersby Cider wonders what it would be like if the same happened with beer. More good PR here.
  15. Twitters ad revenue is predicted to cross $1billion next year.  Wow. I never saw it being that valuable.
  16. New GTA V screenshots are released
  17. Scotland aims to be tobacco free by 2034
  18. The Sun to charge for online access - personal opinion? This won't work, it doesn't look like kind of demographic who would pay for online news.
  19. The Telegraph also announces an online paywall - I say it's more likely to succeed than The Sun.
  20. Apple to be sued over Siri in China - Well, if that software was out before Apple's then it's obvious that Apple took A LOT of inspiration from it. 
  21. Plants vs Zombies 2 coming this summer!
  22. How streaming music services are helping the music industry.
  23. Why your conclusion should be at the top of your emails
  24. Tablet owners watch more TV than ever before
  25. Reinventing the New York payphone - Some pretty cool stuff, though it seems unfeasible to me.
  26. New York to get Boris Bikes
  27. Should Britain let go of London?
  28. Ethnic minority students less likely to get uni places with same grades (study from 1996-2006)
  29. Rumour: Spotify to get streaming video too?
  30. Airline Passengers May Soon Be Able to Use Electronics During Takeoff and Landing

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