Readr lets you read magazines on the iPad for free (for a limited time)

Ever found yourself wanting to read quick snippets out of magazines? Readr could be your answer.

Readr is a bit like a Spotify for magazines. The app, which is available on the iPad, allows you to browse magazines much in the same way that any newsagents works: you can pick up any magazine you want, look at its cover, and flick through it for a bit without paying anything.

Readr let's you do exactly this, you select a magazine (or magazines) and read any articles you want. You get 20 free minutes a month to do this, if you want to keep reading then you pay.

The app itself is free and allows you 20 minutes of reading time every month, after that you can buy individual issues at a cost of around £1.49-£3.99 an issue or you can subscribe to the anytime plan which gets you all issues of every magazine for £6.99 a month.

This can work out to be better value if you subscribe to multiple magazines every month. The app includes some big name titles such as: men's fitness, national geographic traveller, photographer, Marie Claire and ok! magazine.

There are also some titles which can only be purchased as individual issues and are not included in the anytime plan such as wired magazine, men's health, GQ, esquire and vogue. This is no doubt the choice of the publishers rather and Readr's.

Overall, I will only be using the free service personally but it's a nice system and if anything allows you try magazines before you buy which is always a good thing. It's an interesting business model and it will be interesting to see how it works.

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