Web of Links: Week 2

Time for my weekly round-up of the random things I've found on the Internet this week. Expect everything from burgers to barbies to beyonce.

1. Arrested Development Season 4 announced - Another Netflix exclusive was announced this week. I think soon there'll be no new TV series on actual TVs if we keep up this pace. 

2. Create your own in-flight meal - Everyone know in-flight meals are generally pretty rubbish, but what if you could create your own? Now you can on one Latvian airline. 

3. Stereotypical US tourists - Photos of US tourists from the 80s and 90s...my only observation on this is that they flaunted their bodies a lot more back then, seems they're now very unconfident in their bodies in the US. (The fact they aren't wearing tiny clothes like back then is definitely not necessarily a bad thing!)

4. Overly Attachment Boyfriend - Well, this is hilarious. Apart from maybe the ending.

5. The Science of Cats - Cats are a lot more complex than I thought.

11. Airline trials pay-as-you-weigh fares - Very good idea. Airplane fuel is expensive. If you weigh more, you pay more. Simple.

12. The Ultimate Burger - Those of you who know me well, know that I love my food.

14. Donate free food to charity - It's a site I've visited many times but it's worth a mention. Answer questions, donate rich to charity for free. All paid for by advertising. Simple. 

18. What iOS 7 for iPhone could look like - A fan made video showing what people really want on their phones in the next iOS update. 

23. PayTango Lets You Pay With the Touch of a Finger - interesting concept. Could it take off?


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