Web of Links: Week 3

Web of Links is my weekly round-up of the most entertaining, curious and interesting things I've come across this week.

1. Report: To Settle With EU Regulators, Google Proposes To Link To 3 Competitors Every Time It Links To Itself - A very odd decision meaning that Google will now more prominently link to alternative services.

2. Jomi's Smart Water Bottle Sleeve-Plus-App Wants To Track and Chart Your Liquid Intake To Make You Drink More - Another example of people measuring everything they do.How about you just remember how many glasses you've drunk?

3. Schmidt predicts entire world online by 2020. Is he right? 

4. Stunning Shadow Act on 'Britain's Got Talent' Will Move You to Tears  - Chances are if you watch TV you probably saw this, but incredible none-the-less.

5. Listen to Every Song From 'Grand Theft Auto' on Spotify - This is just cool. End of.

6. Where Do Millionaires Invest Their Cash to Keep It Safe? - A question I'd never considered, what brings up some interesting concepts including "You have to realize that “money” in one sense doesn’t exist. It is an idea."

7. Create your own Street View hyper-lapse videos - No use to this apart from the fact that it's pretty frickin' cool. Or if you want to show a timelapse of your journey. One or the other really.

8. Teens: Facebook's becoming more 'meh research says. This is true.

9. Stunning Time-Lapse Provides the Mental Break You Need - Beautiful relaxing music and scenery.

10. Freemium Business accounting software - Who knew accounting software could be free?

11. Orchestra Turns Justin Bieber Song Into Classical Masterpiece

12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Turn off the screens at our concerts - I absolutely hate going to watch a show and people are watching it through their phone screens as they record. Luckily, someone's done something about it.

13. 'Anchorman' and 'Thrift Shop' Mashup Is an Afternoon Delight

14. U.K. carrier to push download speeds to 80Mbps in 10 cities - At this rate, I won't need a phone line for a decent internet connection thanks to 4G.

15. New Bath tours launched, led by the homeless  - PR stunt or not, this is good news for the homeless in Bath.

16. Video: How Animals Eat Their Food - Hil-a-ri-ous!

17. Does it still make sense to buy music?

18. To Fund Longform Journalism, 'Toronto Star' Tests Ebook Subscriptions

19. Weird hotel services - Strange services offered by hotels. Not for the faint hearted.

20. E-Books Now 23% of U.S. Publisher Sales - And people once said they'd never take off!

21. Tablet sales will climb to $64B this year, ABI says - This was an industry that didn't really exist until the iPad launched a couple of years ago. Now look at it!


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