Web of Links: Week 4

It's time for the latest instalment in the weird, wonderful and interesting things I found online this week. From computers grading essays, to iPhone dominos, to waterless washing machines and even batteries that charge 1000 times faster than before.

1. Amazon continues its foray into content product with 14 new TV show pilots released this week.
2. What Happens When You Wring Out a Washcloth in Space - Something I had never wondered, but I'm glad I watched the video!
3. Battery Breakthrough Offers 30 Times More Power, Charges 1,000 Times Faster - Although the technology is still a few years away from being in our hands, this could truly revolutionise our world. Imagine electric cars which could charge in seconds, mobile phone with batteries that last weeks or any other possibility. This is the most exciting story I read this week. Incredible!
4. Surprise! Kids don't know what the save icon stands for - Cue me feeling old...
5. Choose Your Next Pair of Glasses Using 3D and an iPad - This is just lazy, but there's some impressive technology.
6. Twitter To Show You Ads Based On What You Tweet - It was only a matter of time. How irrelevant will they be though, like Facebook's?
7. These 10,000 Falling iPhones Are A Friendly Reminder That Fake Videos Are Getting Crazy Real - Seeing isn't believing anymore.
8. 'The Guardian': We're Not Planning on a Paywall - After the recent announcement from other news corporations, it seems at least one company gets it.
9. Unusual things you can do on a cruise ship - Including bumper cars and indoor sky diving.
10. The world's best airports - Heathrow came in at number 10.
11. A Computer To Grade Essays, To Save Professors Time - Using Artificial Intelligence, this software marks students essays. This doesn't seem like a good idea at all.
12. How paper can become a touchscreen
13. Is Facebook asking for a minimum of $1million for video ads?
14. WhatsApp bigger than Twitter - Apparently there are 12billion messages sent using the service every day!
15. Become a citizen journalist for The Guardian
16. 57% of Showroomers Test Products, Then Head to Amazon - To be honest, I'm not sure I'm surprised but 57%? I know I've certainly done it before.
17. Mystic Manor ride through at Hong Kong Disneyland - If you've ever  seen the Haunted Mansion ride at DIsney Parks, this new ride takes it to a whole new technological level! Wow!
18. LG developing a waterless washing machine - How?, or WHY?, I simply don't know.


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