Web of Links: Week 5 & 6

Unfortunately I didn't have the time to do a blog post last week due to the amount of work, so this week  in Web of Links I've incorporated all the most interesting links I've found over the past two weeks.

1. New Samsung Galaxy S4 Ad Pokes Fun at iPhone - I thought this was actually very well done, showing some pretty cool advantages of the Galaxy S4, such as file sharing. The best quote: "So... some smartphones are smarter than others?"

2. This Is What Google's Self-Driving Car 'Sees' as It Makes a Turn - Apparently the Google self driving car gathers 750MB worth of data every second. They're no envisaging self driving cars by 2020. At the rate the technology is evolving I'm not surprised.

3. Locked Out of Facebook? Now Your Friends Can Help - Facebook's newest way of helping you get back into your account when you've lost access is with your friends' help.

4. An Effortless Fitness App That Will Get You Moving - I'm testing this now, essentially Moves is an app that runs in the background and requires to do nothing. It's simple but tracks your fitness. It's free for iOS Devices on the App store

5. UK ‘to lead the world in diversity’ - London is already very diverse, but it looks like this will continue across the UK, maybe it'll drop some of the casual racism which is definitely still around, especially in areas outside of the Capital.

6. It's Official: Transformers Opening on June 20, 2013 - I for one am very excited about this as I'll be in Florida in time for the opening of the new ride. I can imagine the parks are going to be absolutely rammed on that day though.

7. Almost Self-Driving Car: 'Super Cruise' Enters Real-World Testing - More self-driving car love.

8. Fund this: MirrorCase for iPad gives you a rear-facing camera - This could definitely come in handy.

9. No Technology Allowed at 'Digital Detox' Summer Camp for Grown-Ups - While I don't need a summer camp to do this, I think I might experiment with 24 hours without any Internet-connected technology and see how that works out at some point this summer.

10. AOL rolls out 15 original Web series of its own - AOL is getting in on the content creation game too.

11. Digg to release Google Reader replacement beta in June - This can't come soon enough. I use Google Reader every single day and I'm devastated to see its demise.

12. A Kayak.com For Booking Anything That Isn’t A Plane - This sounds like a great idea. Although you can book any company's train from any other train company's website, it'd be great to do the same for ferries, buses, coaches, etc. The service (Wanderu) is currently in private beta in the US.

13. Apple's iOS 7 said to be visually different, flat - If we're not going to be getting any new major features any time soon, apart from design changes, it might be time for me to jump ship over to android.

14. In Britain, You May No Longer Own Your Instagram Photos - Although this hasn't been made a "statutory insturment" yet, it is unlikely to be rejected.

15. Spacebar Streams Concerts To Your Phone So Musicians Don't Starve - Couldn't buy tickets? Stream the concert live.

16. Airline fees and baggage charges soar

17.  'Google Search' for iOS Updated With Google Now - It works remarkably well. 

18. The Invaluable $1.80 Beer Lesson On Selling Products And Buying Habits - A great article on how people always choose the middle option when given three. No matter how much it costs. 

19. Vacationing Americans Prefer Giving Up Booze Over Mobile Devices - This doesn't surprise me to be honest. 

21. Xbox To Reveal “A New Generation” Of Game Console May 21 At Microsoft's Redmond Campus - I'm not a huge XBOX fan myself but any competition is good competition.

22. Ryanair fined over 'unclear' fares - They've been forced to change their ads in the UK, looks like everyone has had enough of "unclear" fares. 

23. Tim Cook Hints Apple Won't Release New Products Until Fall - It could be a link wait for Apple fans.

24. AP Twitter Hack Falsely Claims Explosions at White House - The important of corroborating sources became clear one again last week as a hacked AP twitter account claimed there had been explosions in the White House.

25. Infinity Cell Lets You Charge Your iPhone Simply By Shaking It - This is a great example of green technology being put to good use: Just walking around will charge your phone. It's a kickstarter project though, so needs supporters

26. Buyers found for 'world's most expensive holiday' - It's a two year trip that visits 150 countries...and costs £1million. If I had that money spare, this seems like the ideal way of spending it.

27. Man survives four days trapped in hotel lift - And finally, in the bizarre story of the week, a man who managed to survive four days without food or drinks in a lift. Sounds like my idea of hell.


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