Web of Links: Week 7

Web of Links is the weekly series which covers some of the most funny/interesting/thought provoking articles and videos I've read online this week. This week why your toilet is cleaner than your phone, how iPhones are photographed & how to get free access to airport lounges.

1. This Infographic Is The 21st Century’s Quickest Economics Class - An easy to understand infographic that really puts the world into perspective.

2. Google Timelapse Shows How Earth Has Changed in 28 Years - And there are still people who say global warming isn't happening, despite pictures like these.

3. Unusual laws around the world - Did you know for example that it's illegal to run out of fuel on a motorway in Germany?

4. Six reasons to love, or loathe, autonomous cars - Some great points made on both sides of the argument. I'm still for these though.

5. The most outrageous airline charges

6. HSBC is most expensive bank for cash withdrawals abroad - An important one for anyone doing any travelling this summer.

7. Pixar Reveals New 'Monsters University' Mother's Day Teaser - Can't wait for this if I'm honest. Don't disappoint me Pixar!

8. If Payphones Survive, Will They Look Like This?

9. Google Maps Interface to change - I can't really imagine how it could look any different, but we will most likely be finding out the changes this summer at Google I/O.

10. How Klout Can Score You the VIP Airport Treatment - Apparently I'm not quite influential enough to get a free lounge pass, but I am entitled to $50 off an annual subscription. No thanks. But an interesting model.

11. You Won't Remember This Article, Or Anything Else You Read Online, Unless You Print It Out - This makes a lot of sense. I definitely retain more info with printed things.

12. Apple Photographer Details the Process of Capturing Product Photos - Just look at the amount of lights and reflectors! Wow!

13. Wizarding World of Harry Potter – Diagon Alley announced for Universal Orlando for 2014 with Hogwarts Express, Gringotts ride - This wins coolest news of the week award. We'd known this had been coming for a while, but the official announcement has made it even more real. Shame, it's not open this summer but I'll be checking out every video I can online about this new land. Especially the Hogwarts Express train and the new Gringotts ride/rollercoaster! So excited! It's things like this that really show that Disney needs to up its game with its theme park attractions.

14. BitTorrent to monetize its file-distribution platform - Why not? It's a powerful platform.

15. Adobe isn't making a CS7 - Instead everything's moving to subscriptions...and the cloud.

16. Viber reaches 200M users, come to desktop - Skype, you better watch out.

17. Microsoft Says It Has Sold More Than 100M Windows 8 Licenses, 250M App Downloads In Last 6 Months, Blue Coming “Later This Year” - For anyone thinking I'm ignore Microsoft news. I'll cover them when they do something exciting.

18. Your Phone Is Dirtier Than These 5 Objects - Disgusting.

19. 'Textastrophe' Pranks Will Make You Regret Handing Out Your Number - One of the funniest things I've seen in a while. The moral of the story: don't post your number online.

20. Less Is More: What Not To Put On Your Resume

21. Why Is Facebook Blue? The Science Behind Colors In Marketing - This was an absolutely fascinating read and the brand colour chart was eye-opening. And read this as a follow-up article.

22. YouTube launching paid subscriptions - This could be potentially very powerful for individuals and small businesses. YouTube may soon be earning more people a full-time income.


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