Walt Disney World ICP - Day 13 - Assessment Day - 15th June 2013

It was the day of my assessment and I wasn’t really nervous as I’d been told it was pretty difficult to fail. It consisted of a written test for the carrousel and Philharmagic of about 80 questions, followed by me doing all of the positions and answering questions whilst doing them. I also got a chance to ride the carrousel today during my assessment which wasn’t too bad. A kid stood up on a horse (which they aren’t allowed to) whilst we were riding and my assessor shouted him down which made me laugh as he obviously wasn’t expecting any Cast Members to be riding.

I am happy to say that I passed my assessment with flying colours and I then had the chance to remove my “Earning My Ears” red tag that we were given during training.

Off with the tag!
After training I had lunch and a meeting with a manager welcoming us to Fantasyland. We got told about calling in sick, how points accrue (points are bad and you get them for any offences you commit such as turning up to work late or not clocking in), and who to contact for what. This wasn’t particularly welcoming if I’m being honest. I should point out there are over twenty managers for Fantasyland Operations alone so that should give you some scale of the type of operation Disney are running here.

After that the manager asked me what I wanted to do and I said I wanted to go back into rotation for the last hour. Rotation essentially means that you are working in a position (such as carrousel greeter) and then move around doing different jobs, such as carousel grouper, then Philharmagic Greeter for example. These jobs are assigned by a very intelligent computer system called CDS (Cast Deployment Service) which also can give you tasks which aren’t critical to the running of the attractions such as stroller parking or guest flow. It was a good day and now it’s time for 2 days off!

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