Walt Disney World ICP - Day 27 - Spontaneity is the Key! - 29th June 2013

Today was scheduled to be a pretty boring standard day in, after a fairly busy day out yesterday at Universal. The weather was forecast to be rubbish all day with showers, so I did my laundry and stayed in relaxing. My friend Courtney came over after having been to Magic Kingdom and EPCOT. We chatted for a while and I threw out the idea of going and watching Wishes and I said "Or I could do that on YouTube..." then the idea of doing both Illuminations and Wishes on the same day popped into my head, and in less than 15 minutes we were out the door.

I've got to say that for the rest of the day our timing was impeccable. We waited about 5 minutes for a bus to EPCOT. We arrived at EPCOT at 8:50PM and were on-stage by the lagoon at 8:55PM. Illuminations then started at 9PM and it was my first time seeing it.

My first time seeing Illuminations

Illuminations was really good and had great music too! It's nice how each show is unique at the different parks. Next time I would have liked to have stood closer to the railings though or by the UK pavilion on the bridge.

We got the monorail over to the Polynesian, walked around and sat on the beach and chatted as Celebrate the Magic started. Then the music came on for Wishes on the beach and we watched the fireworks from the Polynesian beach. 

Wishes from the Polynesian Beach
It was so relaxing to sit on the sand and watch the fireworks and it was really cool to see the distance between the fireworks. It took several seconds from the fireworks exploding to us hearing the sound which was cool, but the music was perfectly in time with the show. It was a nice change from seeing the fireworks from the back of the castle, though I think the hub and Main Street are still my favourite place to watch them from. The Polynesian resort is so nice though and the atmosphere is incredibly relaxing.

Then we walked over to the dock to get a launch over to the Magic Kingdom. As we arrived a boat came. We sailed over to the Magic Kingdom which was nice and relaxing. As we arrived at the Magic Kingdom the Electrical Water Pageant started to play. It would have been nice to have seen it but we had priorities - namely Space Mountain! As we walked onto Main Street the music started for Celebrate the Magic at 10:35PM - again perfect timing. 

Celebrate the Magic on the castle

We didn’t stop and walking over to Space Mountain - we were on in less than 20 minutes despite it saying it was a 30 minute wait which was great, having waited an hour last time I rode it!

We then decided that we needed to eat so headed over to the Contemporary, got on a bus straight away to Downtown Disney and arrived at exactly midnight. We went for a pizza at a bowling alley called Splitsville which was surprisngly really nice and then called it a night. I saw my friend Mario who I met at the interview stage in London and it was cool to talk to him. It's incredible how quickly these last 4 weeks have gone by - I'm already almost half way through my program and haven't even done everything at every park yet! I'll have to make the most of both my days off and the days I'm working.

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