Walt Disney World ICP - Day 43 - Return to Animal Kingdom...(and work) - 15th July 2013

In an effort to make the most of the next three and a half weeks I have left here, I have started to make the most of the time I have free before work, as well as my days off.

I and Courtney arrived at Animal Kingdom at 11:15am and noticed that it was very, very busy. The busiest I had ever seen it - a little check of my WDW Lines app told me that it was morning Extra Magic Hours today, so that explained the extra guests. It was already quite warm so we opted to go onto Kali River Rapids. The Fastpass was for 3 hours time and we couldn't guarantee it wouldn't be raining then so we queued for 60 minutes. This is tied with the longest I have queued for anything - the other being Space Mountain.

The incredibly well-themed Kali River Rapids queue.

The 60 minutes was exactly accurate and the queue was extremely tedious. This is one that could definitely do with some interactivity, as well as a re-design of a fastpass lane. The queue itself extremely slow moving but is very immersive and detailed. In fact, I'd say in total that Animal Kingdom is the best themed park I have ever been in!

We visited the Maharajah Trail and saw some cool animals including tigers and bats. Worryingly the bats could have flown into the room we were in as there were no windows - thankfully they are nocturnal creatures.

A tiger on the trail
Next it was time to go and visit my uni course-mate Joe Mason at Rafiki's Planet Watch but we couldn't find him - whilst there we explored the entire area and even met Rafiki himself. I got a Facebook message a few hours later from my friend Emma who is a character performer saying that Rafiki enjoyed meeting me today which was cute. There's loads of mini-attractions here and the train over was fun. Next it was time for the Kilimanjaro Safari - as with last time our guide was great!

We tried to go onto Expedition Everest and went through the normal queue. I predicted that we'd get to the front and it'd start raining, a manager would come along and the ride would shut down. Sure enough that's exactly what happened when we got to the front of the line. We made a dash for the exit of the park as I had to leave by 4PM in order to be at work at the Magic Kingdom at 5:15PM. On the way out we caught Mickey's Jungle Parade which I can't really recommend due to how boring the floats were (they're meant to be environmentally friendly parade floats!). We did see Joe doing PAC (Parade and Audience Control though!

I made it to work just in the nick of time without time to find a fresh costume. We caught the bus to the Contemporary. From there, I walked to the Magic Kingdom went through security, through the gates, into the utilidoors under the park, walked to the lockers, got changed and clocked in at work - all in about 30 minutes. That may not sound like a lot but that'd a huge distance travelled. Work was an uneventful 6 hour shift so there's nothing to report there.

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