Walt Disney World ICP - Day 52 to 54 - 3 days of work - 24th-26th July 2013

Just finished three days of work so this is more a series of anecdotes than anything else.

24th July 2013
I went to Premium Outlets this morning to buy some new shorts. I left with nothing as most of the ones I saw looked horrible. The food at the Mouseketeeria wasn't too bad and I had some pasta and meatballs today, which was a welcome change from the usual burger or subway selection. The other day I even had a prawn salad. It's annoying that these options are only available for lunch though and by dinner we are only left with unhealthy choices.

I got asked by the head of Fantasyland if I wanted to stay seasonal which no-one else I know has been asked to do. He said my record was excellent which was nice to hear. I had to politely refuse the offer as I wouldn't be able to do 150 hours a year as I'd have to pay for a visa, for flights, accommodation, etc. but it was really nice to be offered something that no-one else had been. Yes, I basically turned down a job to stay at Disney. If I lived in the States I might have given it a bit more thought.

We rode Peter Pan after work today which was nice. I feel I've done quite a few rides after park closing now which is cool! After that it was dinner at iHop for the first time for me.

25th July 2013
Two stories at work today. I and Ashleigh dealt with a deaf guest today who wanted to meet Peter Pan. I called the CHIP hotline where I can find out where characters are and unfortunately he was done for the day, so I had to communicate this and so my friend Ashleigh wrote it down to communicate. It was sad but there's only so much we can do.

After work we have Track Talk which is where we discuss what happened today and a Cast Member told us a hilarious story...basically she had packed two right-foot shoes in her bag and had to wear them all day whilst on a conveyor belt at Little Mermaid and said that walking diagonally on the belt. She said it wasn’t very efficient which made me burst out laughing.

26th July 2013
Today I journeyed over to All Star Music to validate my Cast Member discount on my parents' hotel reservation which was painless. Whilst there I explored the resort and I was actually very impressed - I thought it was going to look tacky after having visited the moderate and deluxe resorts but there were actually some really nice areas and I'm certain my family will enjoy it. I had lunch in the food court and I cannot recommend the meatballs - they were disgusting, but there were plenty of other options.

Broadway area in All Star Music Resort

I took the guest bus over to the Magic Kingdom which took 20 minutes to come with a journey time of 20 minutes too. There I only had enough time to do the People Mover and walk around the park leisurely.

At work there was a family that knew of a place exactly where I was from within London which was cool. After work it was a trip to Applebee's - yes, I'm eating out a lot and I just had to throw away almost all my food yesterday which was depressing, but I do need to eat!

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