Walt Disney World ICP - Day 35 - It’s [a] Celebration! - 7th July 2013

Today was a day to finally do something other than go to a theme park. Austin (on eof my American housemates) and Courtney’s friend Adrianne had been round the night before and had mentioned that she had a car and I’d said I really wanted to leave Disney property and go somewhere like Celebration. So, that’s exactly what happened today!

Celebration was a town designed by Disney, as such it is designed to perfection - the main street in the town looks like Main Street in Disneyland in terms of perfection, but it is a real working town now which is no longer owned by Disney. Most of the houses were huge and the entire area was stunning.

In the town of celebration
The main street in celebration
We then went to Old Town as that was apparently another cool place to go - it was really odd, it was like Texas and Mexico in the middle of Orlando. It also had some rides including one which was genuinely called ‘The Vomitron’. Classy, huh?

We went to Burger King and saw Fun Spot where they have “the world’s steepest go kart track” so I’ll need to go back there one day. Then it was off home for the night out we had prepared.

Due to everyone having different schedules this was the only real chance for the UK lads and Kevin to go on a night out together. House of Blues is apparently a favourite club round here at Downtown Disney. My opinion: Never again. The bus there was the loudest bus I have ever been on with people screaming and shouting for 45 minutes. The cover charge was $13 for under 21s but free for those over the age of 21 which is unfair, it was packed, it was sweaty, the people there looked greasy and rape-y and the worst of all the music sucked. In fact I think it was the worst night I’ve ever had out anywhere and makes me appreciate the UK nightlife much more - we know how to party there. What’s more Florida state law means clubs stop serving at 1.30am here and all alcohol must be disposed of or drunk by 1.55am, meaning that 2am is closing time everywhere. Wow.


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