Web of Links: Week 10

After a length five month hiatus including exams, travelling and restarting uni Web of Links is finally making a comeback. It'ss my weekly round-up of the most entertaining, curious, controversial and interesting things I've come across this week.

1. The Obituaries Writer - The Independent had a really interesting piece this week on the life of an obituary writer, the people who right about people's lives in a reminiscing manner before they actually die. It's an interesting insight.

2. Ten ways you know you're a Disney Cast Member - Having just completed my Disney College Program at Disney World a few months ago these are all still very pertinent to me.

3. Pennies for school - One girl called Ana has been accepted into her dream school and is asking everyone to send her just one penny in the post to help pay for the costs of tuition in the US. An interesting idea.

4. "Under Mickey" Disney/Star Wars Parody - This year Knotts Berry Farm's Halloween show put together a musical tribute to the greed that it says Disney has for buying Star Wars.

5. Meet the real Siri and other iconic voices of technology - A BBC online special on the voices that make up the world around us.


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